Our letter to Councilmembers, City Attorney Mara W. Elliott & Mayor Kevin Faulconer.

Today we are writing to express our support for Skateworld and opposition of the property sale to Pacifica Companies. Skateworld has been a place that has served the community of Linda Vista since 1975 and remains as a safe space for children, families, and friends to have fun, bond, exercise, and build community in an underserved neighborhood. Additionally, Skateworld’s strong community roots provide ongoing support to countless organizations such as local schools of all ages, non-profits, LGBTQ+ support groups, Girl Scouts of America, Military active service members & veterans, disabled adults & children, memorial benefits, YMCA, Boys & Girls Clubs, regional adult night, roller derby, just to name a few.

The Skateworld roller rink at 6907 Linda Vista Road, a City-designated historic property, is currently the last remaining roller rink in all of San Diego County, serving as the only local hub for the roller skating community.  Over 15,000 people have signed a petition to Save Skateworld and to oppose the sale to Pacifica Companies who intends to build a Target or similar big box store at this site. Our grassroots community campaign, Save Skateworld, is growing daily because the public recognizes the importance of preserving this historic business in its current use. 

Our understanding is that Skateworld submitted a bid to Civic San Diego to acquire the property.  However, Skateworld’s bid was not selected by Civic San Diego.  We request that the results of the bid be made public as soon as possible.

We recognize that this City-designated historic property was acquired by Linda Vista’s redevelopment agency some time ago.  The goal of redevelopment agencies was to benefit underserved communities.  The sale of this community asset to Pacifica Companies will eliminate multiple locally-owned businesses, including some who have served Linda Vista for decades. This is not in the spirit of why redevelopment agencies were created.  

We’ve been informed by the city that the property must be sold to the highest bidder under current state law.  In this case, the community of Linda Vista and roller sport communities of San Diego county will be losing a valuable resource and last remaining roller rink.  We request a thorough and publicly-accessible legal analysis by the City Attorney to ensure that the spirit of redevelopment is not being thrown out the window. If necessary, we request the City of San Diego use their best efforts to work with the state legislature to help solve this particular case.

In the meantime, we asked that the City Council not take action on this item until a thorough and publicly-accessible legal analysis by the City Attorney’s office is conducted. We look forward to working with you in a solution that will rightfully serve our community.

 Thank You,

Natalie Ven and Haley Hauck