From The Stang Family with a heavy heart.

“It is with a heavy heart that we enlist the help of each of you. After almost a year of privately fighting to buy the property we reside on, we are coming forward to enlist your help to keep us here for the next generation of skaters. Our building is being quietly sold off to the highest bidder, with no input from the community.

The property and building Skateworld has occupied for the past 45 years is owned by the City of San Diego. We were elated to find out last year that the City was interested in selling the property and thought we would FINALLY have an opportunity to take full ownership and give the rink the upgrades it deserves. However, much to our dismay, the City enlisted Civic San Diego - known for its questionable sales of city property and scandals big enough to wipe out its leadership - to handle the sale. Sadly, we were not given the first chance to buy at fair market value; instead, Civic chose to open it up to the public and sell to the highest bidder. In response, we enlisted local Linda Vista resident-investors to help gather the funds we needed to go all-in on our beloved building. After several rounds of bidding, we were told a company named Pacifica had beaten us by a very small margin. Pacifica is a development company without ties to the Linda Vista community. Their goal is to replace Skateworld with a big box store. This will not only affect Skateworld, but will disrupt the entire community and cause the surrounding small businesses to either close or lose a significant customer base. How could Civic San Diego pick a developer who will tear the community apart with a big box store when they easily could have chosen a longstanding member of the local Linda Vista business community willing to match the sale price?!

Over 50 thousand people have rolled through our doors in 2019 so far! Community members take part in general admission skates, themed skates, birthday parties, and roller sports. We have had fun times, hard falls, first dates, break ups, proposals, and so much more in this beautiful historically-designated building. Children and adults from all over San Diego county have relied on us to provide a safe and fun place to come for exercise and entertainment for over 44 years! Yet since 2002, the City has only offered us AT BEST a month to month lease. Since that time we have had to continually spend time and money fighting off redevelopment and now Civic; wasting resources we would much rather reinvest in the community through our beloved multigenerational family business.

On March 18th the sale of our building is going in front of City Council for approval. We ask you to contact your local city council person and request that they delay the sale and really examine the questionable practices of Civic San Diego. Give us the opportunity to buy it!

In the meantime, come roller skate. We are open for Public Skate sessions, birthday bookings, and private events. Please join our Facebook group Save Skateworld San Diego for updates, join us at a community meeting here at Skateworld on March 11th at 6pm, and help us March 18th at City Hall to SAVE SKATEWORLD!!”