Letters From Our Readers

“For my 30th birthday my husband gifted me a pair of pink quads since I wanted to take up skating as a hobby, and with Skateworld being the only rink in San Diego, this has become my home away from home over the last three years. I know many others have deeper ties to this rink that go way back, but whether you're a newbie or grew up here, I think we can all agree that Skateworld is worth saving for those that enjoy it now and future generations that have yet to discover the joy of skating.” -Brittney Garbani

“My daughter just began to up her game in Artistic Rollerskating. This is her sport since she was 4. She’s now 8. The closure of this rink would prevent many local skaters from practicing and competing and advancing in their sport. I began rollerskating again at the rink too. This rink unites the community. It’s not a relic of the past. Roller skating never died with the 80s. It’s here to stay and we have to make that happen. Save our rink!” -Monica Strickland

“My mom was an award-winning artistic skater for 12 years. She got me skating. I got my daughter skating, in roller derby. Skateworld is the last place my mom, daughter and I skated together before my mom died. The day after my mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer, she said to me from her hospital bed, ‘Make sure Gary Stang gets my skate portrait. He asked me for it.’

Five months before she died, my mom got to watch me skate (in a roller derby game) one more time on Mother's Day. When my mom was wheeled into Skateworld San Diego, she was chocked up to see her skate portrait on display in the entrance. Then my opponents from Skateworld, who I was about to play against, came up to my mom and greeted her. She felt so important. 

To top it off, my mom got to watch as my opponents gave me the award as Most Valuable Player. Honestly, I don't think I deserved it but San Diego Roller Derby knew it would be the last time my mom would watch me skate. They made her last Mother's Day on this earth, the best and something my daughter and I will never forget. That is the kind of harmony and love that comes out of Skateworld. 

The legendary Thunderbird John Hall, who I used to watch play roller derby as a kid, watched me compete that day. He is a coach at Skateworld. That is the kind of quality coaching that Skateworld has. He sat with my mom that day, treating her like the celebrity. Skateworld also hosted my mom's memorial blood drive after she died. Thank you Skateworld San Diego! I pray your priceless value will be seen.


After a roller derby game at Skateworld San Diego, a woman approached our team and said she brought a dying man there because it was his dream to watch a live roller derby game before he died. She asked if a couple skaters would take a photo with him. We said, ‘A couple? No. We all will.’ Our team and our opponents gathered around the man. He also got to meet the legendary Thunderbird John Hall, who he had been a big fan of, and he got in the photo as well. The man cried and smiled so much! I never felt prouder to be a skater and to be a part of Skateworld than I did that day.” -Adrienne A. Aguirre

“When I heard the news that Skateworld might close, my heart sunk! This can not be!! I've been skating here for years! There's nothing else like this place in San Diego. This rink is an asset to the neighborhood and to all the people that come and keep coming back year after year, long timers bringing their kids and grandkids! Skateworld has occupied a special place in so many skaters hearts with its familiar fun atmosphere, people of all ages and from all areas in San Diego as well as out-of-towners!! So many memories of Skateworld and so much more time to create so many more memories for our future generation. The skating community will be absolutely devastated if SkateWorld closes. Please save Skateworld!” -Lisa Parker

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