Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair & Parade

Saturday, April 27, 2019 - 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Did someone say parade? Yes, we did. Join us on skates! Bring your friends, family, and pets! We’ll share our group’s exact meet up time & location soon, but you can mark your calendar for Saturday, April 27th now.

This year’s theme is Celebrating our Youth. The Linda Vista Multi-Cultural Fair & Parade strongly believes our youth is the future and looks forward to showcasing their thoughts and ideas of community. Please consider inviting children in grades 2 through 5 to share their Skateworld story in the Art & Essay Contest.

Past Events


City Council Vote


We showed up stronger than the sum of our parts.

On April 8th we won the first major battle in the ongoing fight to Save Skateworld. Council majority voted in-opposition of the proposed sale of Skateworld property! What now? We take a step back to reflect, rest up for the fight to come, give thanks, and celebrate! This win was the result of us stayed organized, resilient, and supportive of each other.

  • To the Skateworld employees who answered hundreds of questions each week from customers, reassuring and educating them. There was a lot of misinformation out there and you took time out of your incredibly busy schedule to address each question and spread hope. You kept the environment positive through uncertainty. Thank you, we wouldn’t have succeeded without your support.

  • To the Linda Vista community, to whom Skateworld represents more than just a skating rink. The sale of this property will affect the price of your rent, the safety of your youth, and the fate of your family businesses. Thank you for creating opportunities for us skaters to learn about Linda Vista outside of Skateworld. Thank you for taking the time to educate us about your community history and on-goings. We wouldn’t have succeeded without your support.

  • To the attendees of our public events. Those who took time off work. Parents who let their children skip school for civic engagement. Everyone with other commitments who still managed to join in support. Everyone who donated their free time to help coordinate, set-up, or clean-up. Those who spoke out even when if it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Everyone who rallied in the rain or braved skating outdoors for their first time. Thank you, we wouldn’t have succeeded without your support.

  • To civic bodies who provided valuable legal guidance, encouragement, resources, and research. Linda Vista Town Council. Bayside Community Center. Turnaround Youth. Linda Vista Planning Group. Paving Great Futures. Save Our Heritage Organization. Thank you, we wouldn’t have succeeded without your support.

  • To the Skateworld allies who rallied behind the scenes, providing support to your family and friends from afar. Those who have moved away, but still hold a place for Skateworld in their heart. Everyone who shared our posts online and helped us gather over 19K signatures. Thank you, we wouldn’t have succeeded without your support.

  • To the local media outlets who helped us swiftly inform the general public; Union-Tribune, 100.7 FM, KUSI, CBS, NBC, San Diego Weekly Reader, Voice of San Diego, and Sticker Junkie to name a few. Thank you, we wouldn’t have succeeded without your support.

  • To San Diego Councilmembers and their entire office staff who made us feel seen and heard. The ones who spoke up and stood by their community. Thank you, we wouldn’t have succeeded without your support.



SUNDAY, APRIL 7th 2019

This community is not slowing down! Family, friends, and dogs teamed up this afternoon to create rally signs and get informed about tomorrow’s vote. Thanks to Paving Great Futures and Bayside Community Center for keeping us hydrated and fed. See more on tonight’s local news!




Thank you to all our old friends and new friends who joined us at the Mission Beach roll out! Can you imagine this many skaters on the boardwalk everyday? I’m thankful we have a rink! Shout out to Becks Entertainment and DJ Services for bringing the jams and teaching us a few new moves.


Morley Green Rally

MONDAY, MARCH 11th 2019

What an uplifting way to kick off the week! Rainy days aren’t stopping this community. View more of what happened inside Skateworld with KUSI and on the streets with NBC.


Linda Vista Meetup


My husband and our 5 children moved to Linda Vista in 1961. Gary Stang has been very good to the children in Linda Vista. Being new in the community, we didn’t know much about Linda Vista. We found out about Skateworld through the school, he donated free tickets to the students.

This has been a safe place to drop your kids off and know they would be safe, the kids were not allowed to leave without their parents checking them out. Skateworld is the only recreation venue besides the park in this area. It is a historical venue and a landmark for Linda Vista. Our groups have done a lot to clean up our community, it’s a better place to live than when we moved here.
— Dorothy Perez
Far too long have poor communities been an easy target for redevelopers to come in and change what we know as home. For Linda Vista, this has been going on for quite some time, and it’s worked because we haven’t had a voice. The LV “LOST VOICE” of SD, some didn’t even know we existed until now.

Skateworld has been a big part of our community and is a big part of every “ V’sters” childhood. The fate of our neighborhood is attached to the sale of the Skateworld Property. One big box store coming into the neighborhood means more. We don’t need that. I am not opposed to changes, but not at the expense of my people.

I was born and raised in LV, and it’s hard for me to even afford to live in my own neighborhood. My parents immigrated from Mexico and chose this community to be there first and only home, bought a home at 23, my siblings and I can’t do what they did at that age. If we let this happen, what will this neighborhood look like for my daughter, for your children?

It is not right that the elected officials who are supposed to represent us DO NOT!! When will this stop? I’m done bring the “Lost Voice” of San Diego & allowing things to happen to us and not for us. So I am standing, fighting to preserve a piece of my hood. Skateworld. Come stand in solidarity with us as we fight for our voice, for fair representation of one of the six most distressed communities in SD, the neighborhood I love and am proud to be from, Linda Vista!
— Sharon Larios