Here’s who decided the majority vote

Please take a moment out of your day to say thank you to the following Councilmemebers who helped us achive this major milestone in the ongoing fight to save Skateworld. You can mail letter, leave voicemail, send an email, or post on their social media. It took courage to stand with the community, in opposition of Skateworld’s Council representation’s directive.

If you prefer to send a physical letter, their mailing address is: City Administration Building Attn: Councilmember ____ 202 C Street, 10th Floor San Diego, CA 92101

Barbara Bry (   District 1   )   (619) 236-6611

Barbara Bry (District 1)

(619) 236-6611

Jennifer Campbell (  District 2 )  (619) 236-6622

Jennifer Campbell (District 2)

(619) 236-6622

Chris Ward (  District 3 )  (619) 236-6633

Chris Ward (District 3)

(619) 236-6633

Monica Montgomery    (  District 4 ) (619) 236-6644   send email

Monica Montgomery

(District 4) (619) 236-6644

send email

Vivian Moreno (  District 8 )  (619) 236-6688

Vivian Moreno (District 8)

(619) 236-6688

Georgette Gómez (  District 9 )  (619) 236-6699

Georgette Gómez (District 9)

(619) 236-6699

Scott Sherman (  District 7 )

Scott Sherman (District 7)

Chris Cate (  District 6 )

Chris Cate (District 6)

Mark Kersey (  District 5 )

Mark Kersey (District 5)

Ultimately, Councilmember Chris Ward stepped up with a motion to direct staff to move the property from the liquidation category to the future development category; engage the Linda Vista community as to the desired vision for redevelopment of the site in a manner consistent with the future development goals described in the long-range property management plan; issue a request for proposals and obtain competitive bids for a redevelopment project on the site based on community input and long-range plan; and prepare an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement with the winning bidder and bring that agreement to the Council for consideration at the earliest opportunity, preferably within one year. This motion was unanimous approved by all Councilmembers present.

Thank you TO everyone who SHARED their STORY

The people here are not the only people who care about Skateworld. The people here were lucky enough not to be bound by school obligations, or were able to get time off from work. There’s many many more of us, other than people who are just here, who want Skateworld to stay.
— Alice, 20 year Linda Vista resident